Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Portrait at window pane-candids & posed.

THE picture is an example of window glass panes, how you can remould them for a portrait...The beautiful girl was standing near the window, when I asked her to come closer to the window and put her face near the glass...Wow I got a good filter effect and this is my favourite photo...However I am at a loss, because the original pixels came down to the present image in a image editing software....So please check in the editing softwares....the 'original' and pixels at 'maximum'....the image editing window sometimes shows as 800x600 pixels and if that is clicked then  u get lost your beautiful image resized to smaller pixels, never to  get a bigger print or image on the computer screen.....And if it is a batch editng, all the images are brought down, and a guilt always remains in the heart.....However, do not stop in catching better portraits as it is a continuous process with all around different faces.....hahaha.....even leaving candids sometimes and posed portraits, u have to be honest with prior approval of the person being photographed. ...so go ahead and get beautiful/strange faces on your camera sensor.

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