Saturday, January 14, 2012

Portraits lighted by Sun.

THE sun is as powerful a source of portrait or any kind of lighting the subjects, as you face in day to day life....The shooting of the portraits is to reveal the inner personality of the model you are photographing. Lighting plays an important role, whether from sun, under shadows or in a studio. Framing a portrait is also an important factor, as in the above portrait of my grandson, who is in the catnapping mood during the noon of cold days of January.....Just a bit....we leave the space in front of a portrait to have a good composition. 0h.....if he had the eyes open, I wud have preferred to leave space in front, or to give a different look, as I composed, I wud have liked the same that since only the half face is lit in the verandah and composing this way does not mar the effect of the mood the guy is in!....The photographer gets ample opportunities from October to March from the angled sunlight for any damn subject in India (sorry, I CANNOT GESTICULATE THE LIGHTING CONDITIONS IN OTHER COUNTRIES)....Take any camera, zoom or move back/forward and find out your subjects in various moods....The shot is at 70mm of a 70-300mm lens at f5 on a DSLR.

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