Saturday, January 7, 2012

Story Telling Picture--what u need on street?

In day to day photography, and particularly in street photography, the ''story telling'' pictures have their unique place. They are immediate editors' pick. You cannot avoid, there may be many ingrediants in the photograph...but just think you are 150ft away from the subject and expect to change the angle.....No doubt this picture is shot from a distance and not dead sharp, but I cud not take the risk of children pouring in looking at the camera and distracting the attention of the tired ladies, just stayed under a tree for rest and the work they are involved....The simple gist is 'not to miss the opportunity' or be overthinking to miss the shot....My first motto is to press the shutter release, rest may be seen, when at least few pictures are recorded.....Yes here the longer zoom helped....Go on the street and u will find many things interesting.

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