Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoomed and painting effect on an image

Photo zoomed and then painting effect was given in photoshop tools, they can make anybody a mechanical painter, without use of brush....Yes U TOO CAN QUENCH YOUR THIRST OF HAVING PAINTED ON A CANVAS..Canvas painting is more expensive, and for that, u have to be a painter, handling brushes,colours on a pallette. But after shooting a photograph, it is easy to handle many tools for different effects (one, u have already seen of a bike pen-sketched in this album).....Zooming needs slower shutter speeds, that can be done in the evening at 1/8,1/4 or even slower. In daylight u will have to use 4X to 10x ND filter to control the lighting for slow shutter speeds. In picture, the left side patches are from the openings in tree....The centre point is made by the lamp-shade on a wall....Just try and you will have publishable results from many locations with, lights, colours etc.

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