Saturday, January 28, 2012

Talkative bird....!

The humans talk and it is said for ladies that they talk too much (with due apology)....Here I photographed this 'johnny' (I forget the birds' names-I will hv to note down)...she is speaking something to its kin even at the cost of its prey....We daily hear the birds' voices...but the bird watchers may understand their language....It is talkative like us....there are people when they start talking, I hv to close my ears.
--The bird is photographed in Aperture priority mode....I have to do little post-processing to make it slightly brighter...Since I move less in jungles, they are caught on the electric wires in our mohalla, occasionally....THERE r great benefits of digital cameras....Now after exposing thousands of films, it looks easier to shoot on the memory cards, since the rest of things remain like film cameras, later introduced as 'AUTO' cameras by Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc.

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