Thursday, January 26, 2012

Focal point in a picture.

It is difficult to make a focal point i.e. point of attraction to give picture a pictorial effect....Though, many a times, novices or enthusiasts shoot, they cover most of the picture area as is seen in the viewfinder...Yes there may be many elements in a picture....But as said, the less the elements the better the picture. The purpose of telling this is that when a photograph is viewed, the eyes should stop at a particular point that looks more interesting than the whole of picture....I do not mean, the whole picture may not look good....There are good landscapes, which keep the attention tied or portraits from where u cannot remove your eyes without appreciating the photographer.

Yea, I am telling of centre of interest (there are many names for a point of interest, as u may think).....However, there are colours in a colour photograph or a point well defined as a rule of thirds in black & white photograph, where u stay longer....In colours, the orange or red are most popular colours, which catche instant attention, as in the picture above....Next the stairs also lead the eye to my grandson, who is interestingly seeing in the camera, my daughter clicked.....In next shoots u will have this in mind, as everybody is not a born or immediate expert photographer as the knowledge paves its way slowly to the interested ones.

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